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Projects are easier when you have all the right tools. Here at Infinity Cutting Tools we offer a variety of high quality paint brushes and foam applicators to get you that professional looking finish. With great brands like Wooster, Dynamic, and Merit Pro we are sure you'll like these products.  

Although a paint brush may seem like a simple thing, the quality of the brush can vary greatly. The materials used, the tipping, and the taper can change the results you get.

Tipping - The most important part of a paintbrush is the working end. Performance is based on the engineering of the filament (how it is finished or tipped); it affects the feel of the brush and the results you get. Every company guards their proprietary tipping methods, because they’re a big part of what makes each brand different.

Taper - Look at a brush edgewise. If it comes to a point, it has taper and will provide more control. Tapered filament helps paint flow for better coverage. It “pumps the paint” out to the surface and improves cutting-in. Untapered or level filament may reduce the price of the brush, but it also sacrifices capacity, coverage and control.


Infinity Tools has you covered from head to toe, with safety equipment that is! We value your safety, which is why we offer respirators, coveralls, safety glasses, earmuffs, and gloves. Make sure to stock up on safety equipment for any current or upcoming projects.


Using a spray gun isn’t cheating, it’s just plain smart and efficient. Make your project easier by checking out our spray systems and accessories. Be sure to check out the VersaSpin Finishing table, it’s great for smaller projects.